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By admin, 30 Sep 2017

On February 17, 2014 Brandon Boyer, of Splish ‘n Splash Mobile Pet Grooming, headed out to work in his grooming trailer. He thought it was going to be a normal day of making puppies look cute and feel their best. Everything was status quo until he got to his third appointment. Brandon popped Pumba, the longhaired lab mix onto the table, flipped a switch, and BOOM!

There was an explosion and a fireball. Brandon was able to get out of the trailer. He fell on the snow, holding onto the dog. Pumba’s mom was standing in the doorway of the house, frantically calling 911. Brandon was medevac’d to a hospital in Washington DC with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands, nose, face, and ears. He was in intensive care for two days, in the hospital for two weeks, and was unable to work for three months.

Enter the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund. Brandon states, “The outpouring of support was amazing.” GEAF promptly organized a Groomathon. A Groomathon is made up of pet stylists that step in to groom pets because their regular groomer can’t, due to an accident or unforeseen hardship. The Groomathon helped raise money for Brandon. The best part? Many of Brandon’s client’s pets were taken care of which helped ease his worries.

By the time Brandon received a check from the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund, he returned it. Brandon stated,” He didn’t feel right taking the check as his needs had been met by the additional help of family and friends.” The experience showed him “the kindness of humanity and strengthened his faith.” This is what the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund is all about. Helping groomers in need, both monetarily and emotionally.

After successful fundraising efforts through September, both online and at Groom Expo, we have been able to send products, tools, and over $10,000 to groomers affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. This is due to the generous donations of vendors and fellow groomers. Currently, we have more applications to process and more funds to send out, as there are still groomers in need. Judi Cantu Thacker, a Board Member of GEAF stated, “Instead of our fundraising efforts winding down, they are ramping up.”

Visit our booth at the New England Grooming Show October 12-15 in Sturbridge MA. There will be raffles. My chiweenie Dolly will be in the Kissing Booth and is looking forward to washing your face. Since the Grooming Luncheons were so successful at Groom Expo we’re doing it again. Buy a raffle ticket and win a “Lunch With Ellen.” My treat! Ask questions. Let’s talk about your plans, your business, your hopes and dreams. Mentoring groomers and helping them succeed is always my goal.

Please continue to donate to Groom One for GEAF on Facebook. With fires in Montana and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, cash donations are going to be very important to the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund. PLEASE continue to visit our Facebook page. We will keep you updated on our efforts and progress. Ileana, Judi, Mary, Jennifer, Kristie, Milena, Jameson, and I can’t thank you enough to those that have contributed. One heart pulls another.  #groomoneforgeaf

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