The Successful

Pet Groomer
By Ellen Ehrlich

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Everything you need to know about running a successful pet grooming business — shop, home, house call, or mobile

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By admin, 10 Oct 2016
What is GEAF? Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund is the brainchild of pet stylist Ileana Nogueras. When there was an emergency or disaster, Ileana noticed how difficult it was to help fellow groomers. Who should be trusted? Where should help and supplies be directed? Scammers took advantage of sad situations. Ileana knew there had to be a better
By admin, 19 Sep 2016
The other day I was joyfully posting on Facebook, feeling very positive about my business and career. I’d just had a conversation with a client. She had worked for a large well-known company for 33 years and had just been laid off with one month’s severance. Now she was scrambling to find a job. All I could think was --- Thank you pet groomi
By admin, 31 Aug 2016
I love grooming puppies, but they can present a real challenge for a pet stylist. Since grooming is a new experience for a puppy, it can be hair-raising. Puppies want to play and investigate. Everything is fun and games. They would like to jitterbug on your table and nip at your sharp shears or nuzzle your clippers while you’re working. It’s
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