The Successful

Pet Groomer
By Ellen Ehrlich

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Everything you need to know about running a successful pet grooming business — shop, home, house call, or mobile

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By admin, 28 Jun 2016
I’m pondering my last grooming show. As usual, it was a busy day. The vendors were buzzing and the competition ring was full. This was a real shopping trip for me. I bought everything I needed. I also replaced and upgraded my clippers and had my shears sharpened. The night before the show I looked at my shopping list and realized that I would
By admin, 20 May 2016
Welcome to the first pet grooming competition — The 2016 New England Groomolympics! Are you ready to have some fun? This pet grooming competition is all about embracing the pet trim. The rules are: any breed, any style, with an hour to complete the groom. Participants are not grooming to breed standard so don’t be shy! This event is the brai
By admin, 19 May 2016
“I skip lunch” is a comment I’ve heard repeated over and over in the grooming industry. I’m sad to report that pet stylists do skip lunch. Many make unhealthy choices, don’t eat lunch, eat on the fly, or pick up take-out or fast food. I’ve always been interested in health and safety in the grooming industry. This is important inform
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